About Us

Christy (also known as Mengyuan), originally from Shanghai, China, has a master’s degree from University of London and works as an artist. Her main areas of interest are pearl jewellery design and oil & watercolour paintings. With regard to pearls, she has gained much expertise about the cultivation, geography and specific characteristics of pearls since she started practicing with professional jewellery mentors in 2011.

Over the last five years, her love for pearl making has led her to travel to different parts of the world: Asia, Australia, Middle East, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In the latter she started her dream of selling her own creations by having a stall in Brick Lane Market in London.  

During her study in the UK she also followed professional painters from art schools and attended different cultural events and fairs. Having moved to Switzerland, she continues her dream by founding her own atelier and web shop. Through these means, she is able to display her artworks to an international audience and engage with all the pearl lovers in this world. 

Christy's Pearls stands for one of the most innovative and stylish pearl jewellery brands for women who have a fondness for genuine pearls. Within this brand, the traditional craft of pearl making is transformed into modern-day jewellery design.

Christy’s Pearls offers a variety of carefully selected freshwater pearl jewellery in unique styles, colours and shapes. The pearls are naturally cultivated in Asian-pacific regions, including the east coast of China (e.g. Shanghai), Japan, South Sea and Tahiti (seawater and exotic pearls). Christy’s Pearls matches the millions of single pearls to necklaces, brooches, bracelets and ear-ware. By this means, the idiosyncrasies of all the individual pearls are brought together and turned into unique handmade treasures. All the products are handmade in Switzerland.


 Brand Concept: Stylish, Elegant, Individualistic, Simplistic & Artistic, handmade

Christy's Pearls was presented at the "Blickfang Internationale Designmesse" in Basel 2016, 2017 and 2018; Zurich 2017 and Bern 2017.

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