‘Zimmer’ in German means ‘room’ and in this case stands for Christy’s atelier based in Basel, Switzerland. It is a great place of inspiration for producing creative artworks. Here you will have an overview of how pearl jewellery are selected from raw materials, the art of combining different categories of pearls, what techniques are applied to conduct a time-consuming process work, until the final handmade crafts are produced. On the walls surrounding the atelier, you will also find her newest paintings in oil, watercolour and Chinese ink.

Finding a twin pair of pearls

Every single pair of earrings or ear-studs has been meticulously picked from hundreds and thousands of pearls in its category. The saying: ‘No two snowflakes are the same in the world.’ also applies to naturally-grown pearls. It is a time-consuming process to pick the two most-alike pearls in order to become a pair. Some of the criteria for pairing pearls are e.g. size, colour, shape, lustre, luminance, smoothness and thickness. This tedious labour work requires great patience, eyesight, motivation and persistence. Come and attend a workshop with us to find out your most-alike twin earrings from Christy’s Pearls. 

Working with Machine – hole drilling of pearls 

In order to make a necklace or bracelet, it is essential to make holes on pearls whose diameters are usually less than 10mm. The tiniest pearl you may find is smaller than half a piece of rice (diameter less than 1.5mm). Fingers can bearly catch them. In conjunction with a hole-drilling machine, the industrial drilling needle goes through a pearl and requires substantial amount of skills, great attention to details, precision and dedication to the work itself.

The Imperfection of Natural Pearls

A pearl is a pearl. It grows up in its mother-of-pearl in a pristine condition. Due to the nature of pearls, every single piece has a unique unreplicable appearance. For genuine pearl producers, no pearl on the earth is considered to be perfect (The saying in Chinese: '无暇不成珠'), as they come from a nature environment. Pearls are fragile, and thus need to be tackled gently. All these features enable a fine piece of jewellery to be displayed in Christy’s atelier.

Make an appointment to visit our atelier and witness the process of drilling a hole on the pearls, what art materials are applied to conduct a master piece of art, as well as receiving a brief introduction to her artworks. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a fine piece of handmade crafts in an inspiring environment without rush of hectic high streets.

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